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18 May 2014 @ 01:21 am
Dark Side of the Moon  

No but why people are so bitter about Sam’s heaven? Really, I just can’t understand. I don’t know if I got the episode all wrong or what, but I don’t think the no-memories-about-Dean thing is a really big deal if you are not Dean himself. They don’t meet themselves on any of that scenarios; chances are we only see the 4th July because Dean was alone anyway. I don’t know how or if that specifc memory would work with Sam there, watching or participating, since the memories seems to work on a pretty rigid script. Plus, it’s just natural that pre-Stanford!Sam associates Dean to John and vice versa, and anything with John would be way more like a hell.

To be honest I think it’s a bit sadder that Sam’s heaven never show any memories about Jess. His happy memories are about running, never about being anywhere. In essence, Dean’s memories are about two of four or five fundamental phases of his life, while Sam gets a night, few hours or maybe (hooray) two weeks.

Idk I’m a optimistic person but I don’t think the episode says anything about it. It just shows what Dean and his low self esteem saw. He can be upset (and for storytelling reasons, he needed to be) but not us. I guess we are supposed to understand. Dean needed some kind of reaffirmation and didn’t get one and that’s sad, of course, but he never realized that the heaven with his mother excludes Sam too. A heaven always there, haunting their whole lives, leaving Sam out since the beginning.

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